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A low cost, pre-recorded feature for your breakfast show!

365 x 70 seconds from AU$2 per day

First month is FREE*

Welcome to Today's Horoscope

“Today’s Horoscope” is a low-cost, short, syndicated daily astrology radio segment ideally suited for your station's breakfast program.

There is one segment specifically written and produced for each day of the week, 365 days a year or, if you would prefer to produce the segments yourself using your own local voice talent, we can provide a script service rather than the produced version for the same rate.

You may hate them, but listeners love horoscopes and if listeners love them, then so too will sponsors.

Have a listen

(Radio listeners .... if your favourite radio station is not playing Today's Horoscope, give them a call or send them a message and let them know about our program).

Program Directors, your breakfast program is already pretty full? I hear you.

Maybe you could consider an early breakfast placement for the program, say between 5.00am and 6.30am, and remember it’s only 70 seconds. You could even consider Mid-Dawn if you have no room left in Breakfast.

We are so confident you’re going to love Today’s Horoscope (and the revenue a seven-day-a-week breakfast sponsorship will bring into your station), we are offering the first month’s supply of the program to your station at no cost* - that’s right, free* for 30 or 31 tracks. (*excludes download costs. Each daily segment in wav. format is approx. 13 MB) The program is available on a market-exclusive basis – “first in, best dressed”. If you have a competitor in your market, be the first to subscribe. Go on, contact us now and join those subscribing stations who have already come on board. What have you got to lose?

Ok, so what is the cost?

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