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A low cost, pre-recorded feature for your breakfast show!

365 x 70 seconds from AU$2 per day

First month is FREE*

Welcome to Today's Horoscope

“Today’s Horoscope” is a low-cost, short, syndicated daily astrology segment designed to be played in your station's breakfast program.

There is one segment specifically written and produced for each day of the week, 365 days a year.

You may hate them, but listeners love horoscopes and if listeners love them, then so too will sponsors.

Have a listen

(Radio listeners .... if your favourite radio station is not playing Today's Horoscope, give them a call or send them a message and let them know about our program).

Program Directors, your breakfast program is already pretty full? I hear you.

Maybe you could consider an early breakfast placement for the program, say between 5.00am and 6.30am, and remember it’s only 70 seconds. You could even consider Mid-Dawn if you have no room left in Breakfast.

We are so confident you’re going to love Today’s Horoscope (and the revenue a seven-day-a-week breakfast sponsorship will bring into your station), we are offering the first month’s supply of the program to your station at no cost* - that’s right, free* for 30 or 31 tracks. (*excludes download costs. Each daily segment in wav. format is approx. 13 MB) The program is available on a market-exclusive basis – “first in, best dressed”. If you have a competitor in your market, be the first to subscribe. Go on, join our ever-growing family of stations who have already come on board.

Ok, so what is the cost?

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